Tenta – King of Norway

This was a quite big production. I painted about 70 people, it was very cool, because I could design the whole make up look.

Written, produced and directed by Götz Raimund
cinematography by Michael Kölblinger
actors: Sabrina Worsch, Erec O’Kozàr
set design by Werkbüro
LED light design by Matthias „Timo“ Finding & Jascha Süss
make up by Miyu Haydn
styling by Katja Neubauer and Isabelle von Spreckelsen
gaffer David Carey
music&lyrics by Tenta
produced by Tenta
recorded at Musikkooperative Haberlgasse by Hannes Mottl and Martin Albrich and at Fischergrund by Tenta
mixed by David Furrer
mastering by Martin Scheer
cover by Bettina Prieler